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Monday Night Pinball is a friendly competitive pinball bar league in the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area that aims to build interest in the hobby and encourage players and their teams to grow together. The league consists of 34 teams spread out over 20 venues, where each venue hosts one, two or three teams. Each team fields 10 players weekly, thus there are 340 players competing weekly across 10 matches. A pool of over 150 Subs allows every team to field a full 10 players, even when one or more of their regular roster members are absent during a league night. Membership is only $1 per player per season; Substitutes can participate at no cost. Players are responsible for paying for their own pinball games on league night.

Prospective players, ask you local bar tender about their team captains. Or check out the New Players page for more information.

Nov 28, 9:55pm

B Finals, A Semifinals, Mon Dec 4, 2023

Congratulations to match winners last night. The next round of playoffs will be the following: B Finals:

These two teams will earn the B First and Second Place trophies.

A Semi-Finals:

The A neutral finals location will be announced soon. All four teams in the A semi-finals will play in a match during the finals week, either for the championship, or in the 3rd vs 4th match, to establish the winners of the four A trophies.

Nov 23, 7:14pm

Fall 2023 Playoffs Week 2 (Nov 27th)

First week of playoffs are in the books. 8 of the teams move on to the A Quarter Finals, and 4 of the teams move on to the B Semi Finals. The matchups follow.

In the B Semi-Finals, the matchups will be:

In the A Quarter-Finals, the matchups will be:

Nov 14, 7:36pm

Looking forward to Spring 2024

And that's a wrap for the Fall 2023 regular season! For the teams that did not make it to playoffs, thank you for playing, and we hope to see you for the Spring 2024 season. A call for returning teams will be made at the end of the month in the captain's group. If your team is planning a captains change, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can get the new captains into that group to stay informed. A call for new expansion team applications will be made shortly, please stay tuned to this group for details. Spring 2024 Week 1 is tentatively scheduled for Monday Feb 5, 2024.

Nov 14, 7:35pm

Fall 2023 Playoffs Round 1

Here are the Fall 2023 Round 1 playoff matchups on Monday Nov 20, 2023. Remember there's an IPR update that will happen in the next day or so that will apply in all playoff matches. So please ensure any subs you plan on using are verified after that update.

The winners of each match move on to the quarter finals. Seeding will be done overall (combining groups), with the winner of each group being seeded first by wins/ties/points, ahead of any 2nd thru 4th finisher. Following that, any remaining teams in the quarter finals will be seeded by wins/ties/points regardless of their finishing position in the group. The 8 teams once seeded will play 8th at 1st, 7th at 2nd, 6th at 3rd and 5th at 4th in the quarter finals.

Aug 14, 9:34pm

New season begins Sept 11th 2023. Matches start at 8:15pm this season. Schedule is posted.

Four new expansion teams are joining the league, pushing us up to 34 teams which in turn is leading to the need to restructure the groupings for purpose of standings. Starting this Fall 2023 season, there will be four groups, with 8 or more teams per group. Each group will have opponents that are mostly common, thus allowing the win-loss-tie and point standings for teams within the same group to be comparable.

The top 4 teams in each group move on to the first round of the playoffs. There are no byes this year.

First round matchups for Fall 2023 will be the following:

Aug 14, 9:33pm

A new Report Player Conduct page has been created. If you witness player conduct that is out of line, please report it.

It is important to keep the league fun for everyone. Occasionally, players witness conduct by other players that goes against our player conduct rules, but the observers feel it's too minor to say something formally. However, we've also found that the culprits are also often the same players and such repeated conduct issues should be addressed.

To address this need, we have added a Report Player Conduct page, which allows anyone to report observed conduct issues. There won't be any action taken against an isolated minor incident, but the board does want to know about it, in order to monitor for potential repetitive conduct issues. If the same player receives multiple independent reports of independent incidents, then disciplinary action could follow, in the form of warnings or suspensions as appropriate.

Reporting can optionally be done anonymously, if the reporter is concerned about any form of retribution.

For more information, monitor the Monday Night Pinball Facebook Page ( For specific questions to the board members, please send email to

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