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The Seattle Monday Night Pinball (MNP) is a friendly competitive pinball bar league in the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area that aims to build interest in the hobby and encourage players and their teams to grow together. The league consists of 34 teams spread out over 20 venues, where each venue hosts one, two or three teams. Each team fields 10 players weekly, thus there are 340 players competing weekly across 17 matches. A pool of over 150 Subs allows every team to field a full 10 players, even when one or more of their regular roster members are absent during a league night. Membership is only $1 per player per season; Substitutes can participate at no cost. Players are responsible for paying for their own pinball games on league night.

Prospective players, ask you local bar tender about their team captains. Or check out the New Players page for more information.

Spring 2024 Season

The season has begun! The schedule is now posted on this website here: SCHEDULE. Playoffs will follow for the four Mondays following regular season.

League start time is 8:15pm, although players are encouraged to arrive by 8pm to confirm their attendance that night with their captains, and to get in some practice games. At that time the visiting team is making their picks for Round 1. At 8:20pm, the home team should be responding, so that by 8:30pm all picks are made and players are ready to flip away in their first round games. League night is typically done by no later than 11:30pm, but could go a bit longer if there are technical difficulties or exceptionally long games.

The IPR Update occurred as planned on January 30, 2024.

However, due to new interfaces to the new Matchplay software, some of our automated IPR software broke. We've fixed some of it, enough to produce the IPR for every roster player and sub, but there are still some problems that we are working on. As a result, the Player Lookup works fine for players who have played in at least one MNP match in the past six seasons. However, players new to the league may encounter errors and an IPR not reported. For those players, explicitly look up the player's IFPA and Matchplay ratings, then compare their rating to the ranges at the bottom of the Player Lookup page. If you are having difficulty finding information or computing an IPR, contact Dave Stewart or Michael Adcock, or send email to MNP Board of Directors.

We hope to have the issues with the player lookup resolved soon.

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