Account sign-up is free. Both roster players and substitutes can obtain an account. This allows the player to enter their own scores on league night, and for captains to access the additional features to manage a league night.

It is essential that the name listed here matches your IFPA/MatchPlay name, and be the same name you use in all pinball tournaments. If uncertain what name to use and you’ve played tournaments previously, please look up your name here: if you have multiple entries, use the name that includes an IFPA rank. If none have a rank, use the entry with the highest Matchplay LB, which represents the name you’ve used most often in prior pinball tournaments. If you are still uncertain and you have multiple names associated to you, please contact the league at to get name issues resolved.

Once a name is selected, it is your responsibility to insist to captains in MNP, as well as to the tournament directors for any pinball tournaments you play in, to use that name.

Must be IFPA name, or full name that you would like to be known as under matchplay and IFPA
Please enter the PIN code (obtained from your captain)
Where would you like to play? In your choice of locations, you may include any location that has at least 8 machines, even if they don't have an MNP team yet. That will help us gauge where the next expansion teams might go.
Would you be interested in being a team captain?
You need a minimum of 1 season played to be a captain.

Once your account request has been received, you should receive email with a link to complete the account registration and select a password. If you do not get that email within 15 minutes, please check your spam or junk folder. If still no success, contact for support.

If you lost your account information or need to reset your password, you may use this form to reenter your IFPA name and email address. Use the same confirmation process to select the new password.

Email addresses will never be sold and not used for any purpose other than logging into MNP account and for the league to contact individual players for MNP-related communication.

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